Over the years, a small library grew at Lyme Village.  Many of the books are about Lyme Township, but there are also books on Lyme, Connecticut, and Lyme Regis England, historical predecessors to Lyme Township, Ohio.  There are genealogies of many local families.

  • There are many books on antiques, architecture, glassware, pottery, porcelain, and other items that the Village might acquire.  Many books are about Victorian designs and decorations.
  • There are books on Ohio’s history as well as on Huron, Lorain, Seneca, and Sandusky County history. Additional volumes on these counties include cemetery inscriptions as well as marriage, birth, and death records.  There are some older plat books for some of these counties.
  • Board member Anne Southworth, a semi-retired librarian, has cataloged this library, which now includes around 400 books. Questions about the library can be sent to Anne at

If you think you would like to stop in and look for specific items about the area, please call ahead at 419-483-4949 between 9 AM and Noon Tuesday – Friday to set up a time.  There is also an online catalog called – a very useful website for small libraries.  Eventually, these records will be put on an arm of LibraryThing called Tiny Cat.

You can look at the library records by clicking on the link above – sign in as HLVillage with the password library.