School Tours

Historic Lyme Village provides tours for school children in grades 1-6. 

It is the goal of the volunteers to provide information pertinent to the Ohio Social Studies Content Standards relating it to Ohio History and early settlement of the Firelands.

As the students proceed from building to building crafters and interpreters will demonstrate their work. In many areas students will have a hands-on living history experience.

The tours are tailored to meet the requirements of the teacher and grade level.

Classes should be divided into groups of 8-10 students. There must be at least one chaperone for each group.

Students should bring a sack-lunch as food is not provided. There is a pop machine in the picnic shelter.  Restrooms are located in the Visitors Center.

Cost is $6 per student. Teachers and one adult per group are free. Other adults are $6 each.

For more information contact Becky Parcher at 419-483-4949 or e-mail us at